The Minister of Health, Mr. Latifi visited Trepharm

The Minister of Health, Mr. Latifi visited Trepharm Minister of Health, Dr. Rifat Latifi, visited the factory for the production of medicinal products in Kosovo, Trepharm, where together with the advisors he met with the Executive Director, Mr. Exile to Prishtina with collaborators.Minister Latifi expressed his respect for the existence of such a factory in our country, and in particular he congratulated its management for the extremely high standards of quality and product safety that this company was implementing throughout the production process.On the other hand, the management of the Trepharm company informed the minister about the achievements so far, the development of a large number of own products, as well as expressed gratitude for the cooperation and assistance recently provided by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, so that local producers not to fall behind the world leaders of this industry.

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Trepharm’s continuous cooperation with the OFK

Trepharm’s continuous cooperation with the OFK In the framework of the continuous cooperation with OFK, we had the honor to host the presidency of OFK, Chief Arianit Jakupi and the two vice-presidents Daradana Mehaj and Gjon Gega.During the visit to the factory, they were informed about the work and production processes in the factory.Also, during this meeting we agreed on continuous cooperation with OFK.

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Trepharm meets Mr. Martin Vickers

Trepharm meets Mr. Martin Vickers Trepharm is pleased to announce the visit of Right Honourable Mr. Martin Vickers, The UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to the Western Balkans and His Excellency Mr. Nicholas Abbott the United Kingdom Ambassador to Kosovo along with Trade Policy Advisors to the Trepharm manufacturing site on 14th February, 2022. During the visit the delegation toured the Trepharm state of the art manufacturing plant and were briefed on the technical aspects of Research and Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Engineering.Mr Mergim Prishtina CEO briefed the delegation on the history of Trepharm, while Dr Shahid Raza COO joined the meeting online from our Trepharm office in London to brief the delegation on the close links between Trepharm and United Kingdom.During the discussion support and help from the UK was discussed and included support from the UK Government, links with UK Universities, help on training of Trepharm staff and cooperation with UK businesses engaged in Pharmaceuticals, as well as mutual trade and commerce links between UK and Kosovo.

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Trepharm entered the Asian market strongly

Trepharm entered the Asian market strongly Bearing in mind that export as a part of the economy is very important for our country, Trepharm, a pharmaceutical company in Kosovo, has started these days the series of exports to Asian countries for 2017. Trepharm products, thanks to the increased quality and confidence in not only local consumption, will now be present in many Asian countries. This trust is constantly growing because the company has continuously invested in achieving European standards for the production of EU cGMP pharmaceutical products, providing required quality certificates but also competitive prices with well-known international names and brands. This is also a success of the company as a local producer after a series of exports in 2016.

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Medicines of European quality

Medicines of European quality The citizens of Kosovo will have available pharmaceutical products produced here, but certified with European and international standards of quality and safety. Trepharm, the first drug manufacturer, built according to European and international quality standards, was inaugurated on Friday in Slatina, Kosovo. At the same time, the opening of Trepharm marks one of the largest private investments in Kosovo, thus helping to develop the country’s economy, employ citizens, develop the pharmacy market and offer quality products at reasonable prices. In cooperation with the American company CIPEX USA, as well as with the technological support of other well-known European companies, Trepharm is one of the only drug manufacturers in the region that implements European quality and safety standards, those of the EU – EU cGMP as well as the international standards set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Trade Company has invested about 15 million euros to build a drug factory based on high construction standards, advanced technology and trained local and foreign personnel, with the aim of producing drugs not only for the Kosovo market, but also for the Balkan and European one. The factory has two production units, while the antibiotic production unit is currently in operation. Trepharm also has a modern laboratory which, in addition to serving its needs, can be used for various measurements by the Ministry of Health of Kosovo and state or private agencies that deal with pharmaceuticals in Kosovo.

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“Trepharm” trains for the USA

“Trepharm” trains for the USA The American Embassy in Kosovo has believed that 17 people from its technical staff can be trained and trained in the areas of managing complex facility systems, such as the BMS, only in the pharmaceutical manufacturer “Trepharm” in Slatina, which is part of the “Trade” group. This has its own reason, since it is a production complex, where the last word of technology has been applied, but where the team of experts is also at a high professional level. This fact also influenced the selection of the US Embassy. The end of this training was marked with an occasion ceremony, where certificates were distributed to the 17 candidates who successfully completed this cycle of their professional training. Among the workers of this enterprise, as well as other attendees, was the American ambassador in Kosovo, Mrs. Tracey Jacobson. At the opening of this ceremony, the executive director of the enterprise, Mergim Prishtina, spoke about the importance of this training, as well as the honor that the US Embassy has given them on the occasion of the selection of the enterprise and the people who will engage in the implementation of this work with responsibility. “It was a pleasure for us, that we had the opportunity to do this training for the staff of the American Embassy in Kosovo, and at the same time we can see the very high level of our experts, as well as the latest technology, which has been applied in the ‘Trepharm’ factory “, said Mergim Prishtina. Meanwhile, the owner of the “Tregtia” group, Bedri Prishtina, after thanking the ambassador and the general dedication of this embassy for prosperity in Kosovo, thanked the USA for the commitment they have had for the developments in Kosovo and in general in all the countries where Albanians live. “Not only us, but all Albanians, are grateful to the USA, since without their help we would not be at the level we are now. You helped us in the most serious and critical situations that we have had, but now you are investing in your efforts to promote economic development and democracy in Kosovo. For all this, we thank you, and at the same time we promise you that we will always be committed to deepening friendship, but also to establishing a sincere and useful cooperation for both countries”, stressed Bedri Prishtina. Robin Clune, head of general services at the American Embassy in Kosovo, expressed her heartfelt thanks to the staff of Trepharm, for their dedication and the very professional work shown during this training. Ambassador Trecey Jacobson, in addition to the sincere thanks for the great work done by the staff of the “Trepharm” company, also spoke about the economic and political current situation in which Kosovo is, as well as about the commitment that the USA has towards it. “I am deeply happy for a big and very important work that was successfully completed thanks to you and the experts of this company. This is a good example of the achievements being made in Kosovo. I am happy that this development is best witnessed by the private sector, which is the foundation stone and supporting pillar for every economy”, said the ambassador at the beginning. She showed the pleasure of being present at the closing ceremony of the training, which was successful thanks to the dedication shown by the Pristina family. “I am encouraged by the fact that this training was done in a Kosovar company, where a high professional level and serious commitment of the Prishtina family to the work they do has been witnessed”, added the ambassador. Ms. Tracey Jacobson is optimistic that the future of Kosovo, especially in the economic field, will be much brighter. It has potential, human resources, but also support to easily overcome the problems that may appear on the way to development. “I hope that after 2-3 years the situation will be completely different. These young people are dedicated, but also skilled for a faster, sustainable and visionary walk of this country. Therefore, this preparation and this commitment are the greatest hope for Kosovo”, Ambassador Jacobson concluded. After the ceremony, the ambassador and other staff of the American Embassy in the Republic of Kosovo stopped at a cocktail party, where they had a free conversation with the owners, as well as with other workers of this enterprise. On this occasion, she was interested in the achievements of not only the “Trepharm” company, but also the entire “Tregtia” group, as well as their goals in the future. Then she visited the production departments, in which case she did not hide her satisfaction for the technological level of this enterprise, but also for the fact that it was here that the staff was trained, who will apply these achievements in their daily work. at the American Embassy in Kosovo.

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Trepharm now operational in Albania

Trepharm now operational in Albania Pharmaceutical manufacturer TrePharm with high European standards in this period of the expanding, has now representative office in Albania. Representative office in Albania – “Trepharm Albania” will be headed by Albana Ndoja who has been appointed Country Manager of “Trepharm Albania”. Representative office will deal closely with the introduction of Trepharm’s products in the Albanian market. The expansion of activities is related with 6-th anniversary of the first products manufactured and released to the market by TrePharm.

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