Research & Development

Research & Development

Trepharm is pharmaceutical manufacturer in Kosovo

Trepharm is committed to offering safe and efficient healthcare solutions with high quality generic pharmaceutical products. Our focus is on improving patient health through the application of modern technology and techniques.

Our R&D division is focused on developing innovation in life sciences to improve the health of patients. In collaboration with our Business Development & Licensing and Marketing teams, we identify the most promising opportunities and apply our expertise in drug development to transform them into high-quality medicines that will improve patients’ lives.

Trepharm is a leader of the local pharmaceutical market with more than 100 products with a granted marketing authorizations in different countries, developed in our own R&D laboratories.

Our treatment deliveries include tablets (coated and uncoated), capsules, powders/granules (in multi and single dose containers), liquids (in multi and single dose containers), creams and gels.

R&D laboratory is the area where the biggest investment is made every year. The unit is equipped with modern equipment and consists of instrumental analysis laboratory, formulation laboratory and stability room.

R&D team deals with formulation, analytical method development, analytical method validation, product/process improvement and stability study. Quality by design (QbD) principles are implemented to build quality in all pharmaceutical products.

We are committed to developing innovative and effective medicines that can make a difference to the lives of patients affected by serious conditions. Clinical trials are instrumental to this objective, since they allow to translate the promising results of scientific research into high quality medicines capable of improving patients’ lives.

Our research areas

We are strengthening our pipeline with a focus on science related to oncology and infectious diseases, two areas where we are well positioned to develop innovative therapies and to bring to patients in need.


Trepharm has started its production on the following pharmaceutical forms :

  • Solid pharmaceutical form 
  • Liquid pharmaceutical form
  • Granules for oral suspension