Medicines of European quality

The citizens of Kosovo will have available pharmaceutical products produced here, but certified with European and international standards of quality and safety.

Trepharm, the first drug manufacturer, built according to European and international quality standards, was inaugurated on Friday in Slatina, Kosovo.

At the same time, the opening of Trepharm marks one of the largest private investments in Kosovo, thus helping to develop the country’s economy, employ citizens, develop the pharmacy market and offer quality products at reasonable prices.

In cooperation with the American company CIPEX USA, as well as with the technological support of other well-known European companies, Trepharm is one of the only drug manufacturers in the region that implements European quality and safety standards, those of the EU – EU cGMP as well as the international standards set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Trade Company has invested about 15 million euros to build a drug factory based on high construction standards, advanced technology and trained local and foreign personnel, with the aim of producing drugs not only for the Kosovo market, but also for the Balkan and European one.

The factory has two production units, while the antibiotic production unit is currently in operation. Trepharm also has a modern laboratory which, in addition to serving its needs, can be used for various measurements by the Ministry of Health of Kosovo and state or private agencies that deal with pharmaceuticals in Kosovo.