Trepharm is pharmaceutical manufacturer in Kosovo


    Building the trust in a company is a hard and long battle, but we tend to prove that even a local company can be as successful, safe and trustful as much as the leaders in pharmaceutical field, to whom we are used to trust, are.


    Personnel of all levels are the essence of “Trepharm”.

    Their full commitment enables that their skills are developed in function of increasing the quality and safety of the products.


    The road towards continuous enhancement is going to go through increasing technology levels, using the materials in efficient manner, minimizing the losses etc.


    Building standards which fulfil quality expectations will serve to increase industry demans.

    Innovation in products, labels which preserve the environment and ethics, responsible  marketing , all these are going to accompany in continuation “Trepharm” activity, besides putting all our capacities to the function of local scientific community.


    The chalange in front of us is great, but greater is the will to show that we can!

    Committing to a all-inclusive will, insures the engagement of “Trepharm” leadership to achieve a dream which proves the values this place has.