Meet TrePharm’s professional staff.

TrePharm is managed by competent and experienced personnel in the pharmaceutical field.

Based on the rules set by cGMP, TrePharm has set up an organizational structure, in which each person has their duties clearly defined. In determining these obligations, we made sure that the staff is not overburdened with tasks and no junction of powers. The duties and responsibilities in each department are specified by a standard operating procedure.

It is essential for the success and credibility of TrePharm that this business be conducted with honesty and integrity, in accordance with laws and regulations. TrePharm has a code of ethics, which sets basic standards to be followed by every employee in the actions of his/her life.

It is within company policy to make sure that the personnel are aware of the impact that personal health, cleanliness/hygiene, and safety and protection of medical products manufactured have. Personnel must follow regulatory requirements, company policies and procedures established regarding health, cleanliness and hygiene.

Not only in manufacturing but also in other departments, quality policies and procedures are to be followed in a strict order.