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Trepharm është prodhuesi farmaceutik në Kosovë.

TrePharm is pharmaceutical manufacturer in Kosovo and is built in accordance with full EU cGMP guidelines. Current Good Manufacturing Practice but also other global Quality Standards have been taken in account during design, construction and commissioning of this project, important not only for Kosovo’s pharmaceutical community but for whole nation also.

Ever since TrePharm threw the first couple of steps from the first moments had the support of well-known companies in pharmaceutical field and whose expertise was at our disposal, considering their long experience in the area. Besides well-known expat experts certified in various fields, TrePharm has a staff of young local professionals who believe that quality is not a privilege of a selected group of people. It can be achieved if you do not fear the challenges that lie ahead and if you are constantly in search for professional excellence.

TrePharm is composed of two production units, of which the Antibiotic production unit is fully functional. Quality is a clear defined objective. It is projected, built and controlled within each process phase and not only at the end of a whole process. Quality and safety of TrePharm products is controlled in the Quality Control Laboratory, built based on GLP standards. This laboratory aims to become a Centre that offers analytical services not only to Trepharm but to the whole Kosovo territory.